Already On The Way

Before I do my weekly show reviewing my blogs & some of the criticisms (particularly about my moves concerning the SF Giants) I wanted to write about the Miami Heat who I believe are already proving there on the rise. Look they only have two players under contract after this yr (Chalmers & Beasley). This will give them a great oppurtunity to sign key FA. I don’t want to hear about D Wade leaving MIA Pat Riley will never allow that; why would he leave??

  • $$ he’s going to get his no matter where he plays..
  • His team is in great financial shape this coming off-season
  • Their already competitive this yr!!! with all these players on one yr deals
  • They might make a trade to bring in someone at the trade deadline
  • Carlos Boozer?? If the Jazz continue to struggle… He has already said he likes MIA/Riley likes him

MIA already has some key pieces in place

PG Chalmers (Underrated/great young player)

SG Dwayne Wade (enough said)

SF Q Rich (I’ve always liked his game/ I know he has struggled  as of late but he’ll be fine)

PF Beasley (Every time I’ve watched him play this yr he seems to get better & better

C/F Haslem… (I love this guy’s game/ character MIA would be dumb to let him go)

G Cook (he is hurt at the moment but he will be back)

HC I like what he is about!!

The Heat will allow these pieces to continue to grow into a cohesive group & be a potential powerhouse in the coming years.

I’m not saying there is no way the Heat will let Q Rich or Cook go all I’m saying is they already have the 3PT threat/a  guy who can do it all when his game is right in Q Rich already in place.

That’s why I believe the Heat are on the rise & already are


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