Let me start out by saying that I love what Rod Thorne has done in his tenure as Nets GM.

Yes the Nets are 0-7 you have to get beyond the record; read between the lines/see the big picture

Lets go back a bit and see why I love the nets rebuilding process

1. The Nets realized and weren’t afraid to say there window had closed.

2. They began to make financial/basketball moves at the same time

when you can take care of your team’s financial wealth while getting basketball talent in return it is a wonderful thing.

That is what the Nets did when they traded J Kidd to Dallas for Devin Harris

They obtained a young All Star point guard in the making/financial health while getting rid of J Kidd who wanted to move on anyway/was getting up there in age

I also liked the trade of R J to Milwaukee mostly a financial move however Yi’ J’ Reps had said all along they wanted him to play in a big market…. Once again the Nets gained financial wealth and a top 10 draft choice in Yi

I really enjoyed The Transaction of C Lee From ORL for VC not because I don’t not like VC but I like C Lee that much better. I understand why ORL made the move; I still would have kept C Lee.

This transaction for the nets again covered the teams financial wealth/ while still getting basketball talent in return

That part of the blog covered the nets dealings of their former big 3


IN / Leaving

D Harris J Kidd

Yi          RJ

C Lee       VC

Saved a boat load of $$$$ for this yrs F A Class

along with other pieces that were $$$ related

Draft Choices

C Brook Lopez

Lets keep this short & sweet the man is a beast


I don’t know how he dropped all the way down in the 2nd RD but he did kind of like Blair from Pitt this last yr it just boggled my mind.

I mean maybe CDR didn’t impress at his workouts but I thought CDR was getting a job as a BBall player not a trainer IDK maybe it’s just me but the nets struck gold with those 2 picks

I just looked up the roster; Here is who I have staying after this yr


D Harris

Brook Lopez

Terrence Williams (Rookie this Yr)

C Lee


Jarvis Hays?? (I believe they signed him to a FA contract) It may have been a short one though so he may be gone

So that’s 7 players coming back 6 for sure out of a possible 15 with a ton of $$ to spend plus a new home in B here soon

Potential Line up with that 7



SF?? (I’ll get to that)

SG Lee

PG Harris

BN Hays


BN Williams

What I see happening with FA in 10

I truly see LBJ coming to the Nets for all the right reasons… I think this is to good of a deal to pass

  • his best friend Jay Z is part owner
  • the new owner of the Nets is a $$$$$ machine
  • New Arena/ All the talent they already have in Place
  • Remember LBJ makes everyone better (Obviously) which I believe will help Yi more than anyone of their young studs
  • Even if LBJ stays in CLE (he is not going to NYK so stop) They will still land coveted FA that will take them to the next level

That is why the Nets have BRIGHT FUTURE


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